Petition Download Page

Download PDF Version of our Petitions

The size of the petition and how it is printed is dictated by law, please be sure you print out as instructed below.

* on 11"x17" paper

* front & back

* black on white paper

Any other printing style will void any signatures you have collected.

To print petitions, choose the 20 line petition or 7 line petition (your preference). Again, Make sure it gets printed on 11"x17" paper


No Income Tax!


The new petition will be ready soon for you to download. Please check back.


Thank you for your support as we work to help Taxpayers.

If your printer cannot do this size, we advise you put the file on a card or flash drive and take it to a printing company like Kinkos and print it out there.

Thank you so much for helping your fellow tax payers!

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