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Read it July 10, 2017
I won't call Inslee a...
Read it June 30, 2017
Legislators are angry & bitter
Read it June 27, 2017
You made a difference, final budget announced
Read it January 26, 2017
Rules change! 2/3 needed to Raise Taxes (Part 2)
Read it January 23, 2017
Rules change! 2/3 needed to Raise Taxes
Read it January 20, 2017
Tim treks to Olympia to Hand out Legislator of the Year Awards
Read it January 18, 2017
Legislator of the Year for 2017?
Read it January 16, 2017
Listen to legislators who listened to the voters and acted
Read it January 04, 2017
Democrats renege, Thursday meeting cancelled
Read it January 03, 2017
Democrats' plot to not appoint successor to Pam Roach

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