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Read it November 20, 2015
Ice Cream for Insley
Read it October 16, 2015
Candidate Inslee said he would veto new taxes
Read it October 12, 2015
Eyman has been a one man wrecking ball
Read it August 14, 2015
4:10pm - Fantastic First Amendment victory today -- here's our reaction
Read it August 14, 2015 Here's how it went in Court this morning
Read it July 23, 2015 6 Advisory Votes on the Ballot this November
Read it July 21, 2015 Article "I want Tim Eyman to die...."
Read it June 24, 2015 7 days to raise $71,550 (yesterday it was $77,000) -- it's crunch time for signature drive
Read it June 17, 2015 How will politicians react if our initiative doesn't qualify?
Read it June 09, 2015 Tell Republicans: don't fall for the Democrats' tax trap -- reject all tax hikes
Read it May 27, 2015 Bill to hike property taxes disappears
Read it May 07, 2015 Olympia's latest threat to your wallet: 5-fold increase in property tax increases
Read it May 05, 2015 State Republican Party endorses 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative I-1366
Read it April 23, 2015 What Gov Inslee said in 2012 Debate
Read it April 21, 2015 Eyman Testifies before Senate Ways and Means Committee
Read it March 21, 2015 Jan Angel defends anti-initiative bill
Read it March 10, 2015 We've got great momentum
Read it March 4, 2015 Massive tax increases out of Olympia
Read it February 3, 2015 Initiative 1366 - 2/3 Constitutional Amendment
Read it January 22, 2015 Will 2015 be the last year for initiatives?

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