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Read it October 22, 2012 Closing argument for I-1185
Read it August 16, 2012 Eyman Sues state over I-1185 fiscal impact statement
Read it August 04, 2012 Warning issued to the Secretary of State:
Don't violate I-960
Read it July 27, 2012 I-1185 signatures have been certified!
Read it June 29, 2012 Just 7 days left - what's most needed is your most generous donation
Read it June 26, 2012 Just 11 days left - what's most needed is your most generous donation
Read it June 19, 2012 Newest reason to ensure I-1185's success..
Read it June 13, 2012 Inslee "believes in democracy" except .....
Read it June 05, 2012 31 days to go!
Read it May 30, 2012 King County judge throws gasoline on the fire for Son of 1053
Read it May 15, 2012 Meat & potatoes -- that's what we need for I-1185 to succeed
Read it May 9, 2012 For I-1185, we're doing everything we can -- we need you to do the same
Read it April 30, 2012 We've got to pick up the signature pace for I-1185
Read it April 17, 2012 WASHINGTON TIMES EDITORIAL: Washington's tax revolt
Read it April 10, 2012 Our new initiative -- I-1185 Protects the 2/3's Vote
Read it March 23, 2012 What's truly extraordinary about all of you is your persistence and perseverance
Read it March 16, 2012 In depth, Olympia's budget stalemate
Read it March 05, 2012 Olympia's Democrats throw a childish hissy-fit on Friday...
Read it March 01, 2012 Taxes galore in Olympia yesterday
Read it Feb 13, 2012 Contact your representative, tell them a 10% sales tax is nuts!
Read it Feb 01, 2012 Another week in Olympia protecting taxpayers and defending the initiative process
Read it Jan 24, 2012 help us so we can continue to protect the initiative process
Read it Jan 19, 2012 Our 2/3 initiatives are protecting everyone
Read it Jan 10, 2012 No New Taxes 2012 -- help us with our top priority this year
Read it Jan 3, 2012 We need your help so we can continue fighting for taxpayers in 2012

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