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Read it December 14, 2011 Gregoire wants $26 billion in higher taxes -- is that OK with you?
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Read it November 9, 2011 What we said on election night....
Read it November 8, 2011 I-1125's victory celebration at Seattle Westin tonight - hope to see you there
Read it November 4, 2011 Please make sure your family and friends vote for I-1125
Read it October 27, 2011 Gregoire is stealing your vote on I-1125 - we're stopping her
Read it October 25, 2011 Help to push I-1125 in these final days
Read it October 14, 2011 Accountability is the only way to drive down transportation costs
Read it October 10, 2011 Tim Eyman has got to stop!
Read it September 26, 2011 A Massive Loophole
Read it September 13, 2011 A Thorough Analysis of I-1125
Read it August 23, 2011 Tim's hobby: City initiatives letting voters decide on red-light cameras
Read it August 18, 2011 Our compensation is voluntary, we only earn what our supporters are willing to give
Read it August 15, 2011 King County's $20 cab Tax: Liears, Sell-Outs & Switzerland
Read it August 11, 2011 Why I-1125 is necessary: A Summary
Read it August 8, 2011 Aug 16 vote is DejaVu, $6 billion tunnel costs same as 15 sports staduims
Read it August 1, 2011 Dems say the wont be any BROAD BASED TAX INCREASES if their anti 1053 lawsuit succeeds
Read it July 26, 2011 Fight Back Against the Dems anti 1053 lawsuit
Read it July 21, 2011 I-1125 on the ballot


Persistence, Thy Name Is Eyman, 01/19/2011, written by Paul Jacob

We haven’t had enough Tim Eyman.

I try to rotate the subjects of these Common Sense efforts, moving from freedom to democracy and back again, covering local and state issues as well as national and international ones.

But certain topics make regular returns. Like Tim Eyman. In Washington State, he’s evergreen.

He’s the citizen initiative guy. He keeps plugging away, writing initiatives, working to put them on the ballot, defending them against all comers. . . . read the rest of the story

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