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open it January 5, 2010 "Top Democrats say it's virtually certain they'll suspend the two-thirds requirement for raising taxes.”
open it January 7, 2010 Despicable
open it January 11, 2010 Gregoire attacks the initiative process
open it January 15, 2010 Big Labor threats
open it February 5, 2010 Anti-Initiative Bills
open it February 10, 2010 You Peasants Just Don't Understand
open it April 12, 2010 Gergoire promised not to raise taxes, remember?
open it May 4, 2010 Schwamee Auction Results
open it May 5, 2010 Counting on You for signatures
open it June 19, 2010 14 Days to go!


Seattle Times Opinion Page, 02/02/2010 Bills to restrict initiative process really aimed at Eyman

Seattle Times front page 11/12/10: Seattle Times

Seattle Times 11/13/10 (Tuesday): Read the story

KNDO TV (Yakima): Click here to read

King 5 TV: Read here

Northwest Cable News: Eyman files new initiative

Tri-City Herald: read it here

Everett Herald: The story here

KOMO News: click here

Spokesman Review (on-line story -- the print story will be different): read it here

Seattle Times (on-line story -- the print story will be different): Eyeman warns lawmakers

The Olympian (on-line story -- the print story will be different): read it here

Whiny tiny bloggers whine more: impose minority rule

Our post at click here to read

An earlier on-line story by the Spokesman Review: Gregoire wants to hike taxes

Associated Press - ABC News: read the story

Austin Jenkins at KUOW/NPR: click here to read

Earlier story by the Spokesman Review: Changing the rules

Story in the Olympian: read it here

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